Student acquisition is the forte and core competence area of Blackboard.

Higher education institutions face tough competition in student enrolment, therefore we provide 360 degree turnkey solutions to our partner universities. Over the years, we have developed the tremendous skills and strength to recruit a large number of qualified students. We operate in both the business models i.e. B2C and B2B, We have full-fledged IT systems and team of over 300 well trained counsellors to communicate with prospective leads, and, over 500+ business partners which are spread in over 350+ districts of India. We generate 30,000+ enrolments in a year largely in online & distance learning programs for our partner universities.

One of the greatest advantages that we really enjoy is everything that we needs to build a robust sales ecosystem is designed and developed in-house.

There is a full scale IT team which has automated the entire pre-sales journey through CRM (Rally), it has standardized the workflows of our sales team, and, rally ensures every lead gets the attention they need, at the right time. It helps us in understanding the prospective students and their social behaviour, using scientific and data driven approach improves and maximises the probabilities of lead to enrolment.

This is the digital era, no business, irrespective of size, small or large, just cannot afford to neglect the huge market available online. The volume of potential customers available online is a much larger in numbers than any business can attract by traditional forms of advertising. We have experienced and highly talented digital marketing specialists in our team, their first and foremost task is to conduct a thorough product research to ascertain the specific target audience which plays an important role in generating leads. Based on the inputs of research, digital team is responsible to design, schedule and track the campaigns to ensure a continued flow of potential leads. Besides, reaching to the target audience available online, the team also does the following activities.

    CRM marketing

  • Lead distribution
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Scoring, determining probability using statistics and analytic tools
  • Re-Enquire and de-duplication
  • Predictive analysis

    Digital marketing

  • Email marketing
  • Online educational directories
  • Paid search
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Social media (paid & organic)
  • Content marketing

We have fully automated state of the art call centre with over 500 well trained and highly motivated counsellors to guide and counsel the prospective leads. Our counsellors engage the prospective leads who are finding suitable courses and best universities in a very friendly, informative, supportive and helpful manner to get acquainted them with the university and programs, and, guide them through the entire admission process.