Blackboard Education & Research Foundation (BERF) is a young enterprise with more than two decades of experience in the education industry and also one of the fast-emerging education and technology enterprises. In the past two decades, we have built and operated several education verticals and successfully guide, counselled, trained, and placed over a million students. Our deep understanding of education and technology has helped us to effectively address the needs at all levels of learners and educational institutions.

Since our inception, we were of the strong belief that it is the technology only that can bring in transformational changes in the education delivery systems and learning processes. Therefore, with the help of an in-house team of academicians and technocrats, we have designed and developed eLearning solution which is intelligent, friendly, and fast. Our aim is to cater a wide audience of both experienced and beginner users of technology from all age groups. We also, provide consultancy to many education companies imparting vocational training and into the skills development.

Mayank Gupta
Chief Executive Officer

Characterized as initiator, deliberate and persistent change maker, Mayank Gupta is serving as CEO at Blackboard Education & Research Foundation, a young enterprise with more than two decades of experience in the education industry and one of the fast-emerging education and technology enterprises.

He is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of leadership experience in the education & services industry with consistent success in achieving the goals with wide understanding of building businesses.He is passionate towards education, entrepreneurship and Technology.

Post attaining his Master’s in Business Administration, Mayank ventured in executing and consulting several educational projects in skills development and higher education. From his practice of last 25 years in the Education Sector, he has developed a deep understanding of building strategic business units, launching and executing new businesses in both India and abroad.He has seen and witnessed the paradigm shift in almost all aspects from student acquisition activities to education delivery systems.

Prior to his becoming CEO of Blackboard Education & Research Foundation, Mayank was also one of the founder members of Institute of Computer & Finance executive, ICFe (Yr.1996-2013), which was into skilling and imparting vocational training into the domain of finance and accounting. Over 10000 students of ICFe are now working as accountants and finance executives in mid and large size companies.

He is excellent in establishing trust-based relations with individuals and organisations which has helped in expanding his business through a network of entrepreneurs, currently he works with 400+ channel & 20 + University Alliance Partners promoting several educational products in skills development and distance learning.

Some of the Key Skills & Core Competencies of Mayank includes Management & Leadership, Business Operations & Strategy, Effective Communication & Delegation, Adaptability & Determination, Forward Thinking & Calculated Risk Management.