Challenges faced

Our solution

Strong remote connections and software were required to let students learn from anywhere and anytime. Therefore, because of traditional online software, unsecure portals, and no concrete procedures, this took a backstep.
Blackboard made the process of learning easier for the students by introducing the basics of the Learning Management System and installing it in their systems. Students can easily pursue distance learning from different cities, states, and countries.
The manual system was becoming exhaustive for students and teachers and was not easy to cope up with.
The manual was properly organized and moved to dedicated online software such as docs, sheets, and other online portals. The shifted information was easy to be accessed with the help of phones, laptops, and computers. Teachers were able to easily record and write as it was very easy.
Technological advancement was needed for smooth execution, earlier everything was happening through the paperwork.
EMS or Examination Management System was not properly installed to provide accessibility of taking exams online, getting the results digitally, and more.
Sections such as account management, results, and announcements were not properly organized to be taken online.
It became easy for students to access study material whenever and wherever they want after a completely new system of student profiling and announcements came into existence.

Results :

  • The overall coordination between the administration, students, teachers, and management was improved.
  • The whole faculty appreciate using the software and is now very relieved than earlier.
  • Around 500 more students became a new addition to the university after the distance learning facility became better.